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New Service for Men! 
Beard conditioning and shaping 

Fresche offers a personalized service for men. Come in for a relaxing hot towel  beard treatment along with a customized beard shaping service.  We will give you that personalized attention and listen to what your concerns are and the finished look you are wanting.  Here are a couple of before and after’s from our recent class.



New Service coming in October!!!

Aimee, has been the salon manager for ten years but she has many other talents that we want to offer our clients!  She will be starting to offer appointments on Friday and Saturdays for the following services:


Celeb Stylists Rank the 6 Biggest Haircut Trends of 2019 

By Melanie Rud Chadwick
May 07, 2019


The year may still be (somewhat) young, but we’ve already seen several new haircut trends in 2019. This year, it’s all about a fresh take on the past. “Just like in fashion, we see new styles inspired by previous trends from decades past that have been reimagined,” says Lindsay Victoria, a master stylist at Spoke & Weal Los Angeles. “The haircuts and styles in 2019 are newer, fresher, better versions.”
The good news? This year’s most popular haircut styles are low-maintenance, surprisingly wearable, and flattering on a variety of hair types, textures, and face shapes. “We’re seeing more natural hair textures,” Chicago-based celebrity stylist Alex Brown says. “Most women are very busy and don’t have much time to style their hair in the morning. There are so many great products available now to help your hair air dry with less frizz and amazing texture.”
Ahead, top stylists weigh in on the hottest haircut trends of 2019 with tips on how to style them and determine if they’re right for you. If you’re looking to make the cut, consider this your ultimate guide to the best haircut styles for women.

Modern Shag

The shag cut that was so popular in the late 90s and early 2000s (remember that Meg Ryan cut everyone copied?) is back with a fresh new twist. “The modern take on this haircut is a medium-length style with a heavy amount of textured layers,” Victoria says. Ask for layers that start around your cheekbones and move through the entire cut, she adds. The other distinguishing element? Full bangs. While this cut works well for most hair types, it’s especially choice for those who already have a little texture or wave in their hair, since it’s a great wash-and-wear style, says celebrity stylist Jeff Chastain, founder of MASC. Point being, it requires minimal effort to make it look great. Spritz a texture spray, like KMS HairPlay Playable Texture, on air-dried hair to create a piece-y look and enhance the layers.

Textured Lob
The lob (aka long bob) isn’t going anywhere, though this year it’s slightly longer. “Last year it hit at the collarbone, but in 2019, it sits at the base of the neck or slightly off the shoulders,” Victoria says. In other words, it’s long enough to pull back and get out of your face and off your neck, but still short enough that maintenance and styling is totally fuss-free.
A few textured layers and fuller ends make this haircut a top pick for those with finer hair, since they create the illusion of more volume, Victoria adds. Also nice: Any hair texture would work great with this length. According to Brown, it’s super easy to maintain and takes little to no effort to style. Use a large-barreled curling iron, to add in just a touch of bend and wave, then tousle with your fingers—the messier the better.

90s One-Length Bob
The 90s are having a major resurgence in the fashion world, and they’re also a major influence in the haircut trends of 2019. Case in point: This one-length, clean-line style. Ask your stylist for a blunt cut that hits at the jawline or mid-neck with no layering whatsoever. Then, play up the retro vibe by wearing it sleek and straight. You can also use a flat iron to bend the ends up ever so slightly, which is very 90s, Brown says. Either a center or deep side part works well here, and while this cut is great for most hair types, be careful if you have super thick hair. “If your hair is very dense, be sure to ask your stylist to remove some of the bulk to keep the final cut from looking too boxy,” Victoria says.

Long, Light Layers
Haircut trends for long hair always seem to revolve around layers, and this year, they also play off the 90s feel (think 90s supermodel hair). The difference? Whereas the layers were heavy and blunt back then, now it’s all about lighter layering that’s more versatile, Victoria says. Chastain adds that there’s also an emphasis on layering around the face. Keep the shortest face-framing pieces at your jawline, and ask for textured, airy layers throughout to create a looser style.
The other nice thing is that this hairstyle can easily be tweaked (depending on exactly how the layers are cut) to best suit any texture, Chastain says. It does look especially pretty with some movement though, so if you have straight hair, use a curling iron to add in some loose waves; if your hair is naturally wavy, a light texture cream worked through dry hair is all you need. Try the KMS Messing Creme for thicker hair or for more finer hair use KMS AddVolume Texture Creme. Either way, you can wear it with a center part, or flipped over to one side to create extra volume on top.

70s Layers
If you want to keep your hair long, but still get some of the same effect of the modern shag, this haircut is choice. Add in a full fringe and lots of textured layers, but keep it as long as you want, Victoria says. Another cut that’s great for all hair types, it’s especially easy to style for anyone with a little bit of natural texture already; all you need is a beach spray, like the KMS HairPlay Sea Salt Spray and some time to air dry.

Short and Structured
Think of this cropped haircut as the latest twist on a pixie. “It’s a full-on faded, structured boy cut,” Chastain says. While it’s an admittedly edgy style, it’s still surprisingly flattering. “People think you need a prominent jawline or cheekbones for this style, but if it’s cut correctly, it can work on any face shape,” he adds. A universal rule? The little pieces in front of the ear should hit at the hollow just below the cheekbone. Still, the rest of the structure of the cut and even the bang length can vary, so talk to your stylist about what will work best for you. Consider this haircut if you tend to color or bleach your hair frequently; because it’s so short, you don’t have to worry about damage, Chastain says.

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