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I have an announcement that may surprise some while others have asked me about already…so this will come with my heartfelt response. ❤️

2020 has definitely taken its toll on my business and forced me to take a long hard look at what matters most in my life.
So after 17 years 9 months, on 11/2/2020 the salon closed.. 😔 This has been a bittersweet decision for me as I have truly dedicated so much of my life and energy to fresche.  We opened here on Valentine’s Day in 2012, with no clients and a vision to make a difference, make an impact, build relationships and I think we accomplished just that.  Being a community focused salon, dedicated to welcoming everyone equally, helping other stylist grow and developing lifelong client relationships has truly been a blessing for me. 🙏 I will cherish those memories always.
Some of my personal favorite memories are the events we hosted, where you came and hung out with us, or bought a unique gift, or donated to a charitable cause.
We have worn lots of costumes, held classes to elevate our craft, organized and participated in community fundraising events, had photo shoots and fashion shows, and did some pretty amazing hair in the process of all that.
A lot of people have entered our doors.  All types of personalities and style, which were all always welcome.  Families, couples, CEO’s, musicians, actors, moms, dads, artists of all kinds, stay at home dads, and kids have all sat in our chairs and shared stories.
Owning fresche for 17 years was truly a pleasure and a labor of love for me.  I put my heart and soul into it for all these years, especially the last 8 here in Stone Mountain, with the 9 years prior being in Decatur and Atlanta.  I have trained and mentored many young stylists who have evolved to becoming some of the best in the industry as stylist and business owners.
I have also been a mom to many over the years, prior to having my own two daughters, and did my best to maintain that work/home balance…as many of you know that is challenging!
Those of you who own small businesses know just how stressful that can be.😉 But it has also filled my heart with so much love for doing what I have loved to do all these years. 💕.
I know this is the best decision for me and my family at this point in my life. 💕
Thank you to each one of you that supported us during our 17 years and especially who have been there this year to donate, and reach out during these challenging times, it means so much! 🙌

So, for now I say goodbye to fresche as we have known it, in this building and this type of business; but hopefully, I will see some of you again, in a more personal environment.
I am continuing, of course doing hair, it is my passion and I can’t imagine not doing it~ but on a more simplified scale to be better for my family, and my own stress level due to COVID.
Lisa Buckles will also still be working along with me, so you can reach either of us for an appointment!

Joi – 404 402 4522I am booking up for the holidays, so call me!
Lisa – 404 849 1330

If I see you again, my heart will be full.
If I do not, I wish you well and leave you all with this.

In parting, I wanted to share some of my favorite memories from our years in Stone Mountain. 

Love & Gratitude- Joi




Thank you for the memories…