Kimmee Roberts

Kimmee was born and raised in Georgia. Being from the south she is a very caring person, who tries to help anyone she can. Kimmee loves all forms of art and learned that her favorite form of all was in the cosmetology field. Her senior year in high school she took a tech program which introduced her to cosmetology, from there she decided to continue these studies.

In 2013 Kimmee graduated from Paul Mitchell the School ATL, where she was in the advanced Phase Two Program. Kimmee received her Master Cosmetology license and began working at fresche right out of school. Kimmee worked closely with lead stylist and owner, Joi Rooks, along with assisting the rest of the fresche team. Kimmee loves creating edgy looks, vibrant colors, trendy cuts, and even doing dreadlocks; but also loves creating natural highlights, classic bobs, and beautiful layered cuts.

Kimmee’s favorite thing about being a hairstylist is getting to use her creative instincts to create something wonderful and making people happy.

I’ve seen a person walk in with no trace of happiness on their face, then they get their hair done, and leave with confidence and a beautiful smile. That transformation is what I want to make every client feel like. Everyone should feel beautiful, and if I can help someone achieve that, that’s is what will keep me going.-Kimmee Kimmee_DSC0240-1000